Petar Perović · designer of software interfaces


Currently I lead design at Semaphore CI, a continous delivery software that helps developers write better code. Before that I was helping to establish design at Super and spent couple of years leading a remake of Active Collab, a robust project management app. In even more distant past, for years I was one half of Superawesome, a design consultancy shop I ran with a friend.

I’m a generalist with experience working in small teams, covering almost full product design range. I work both in strategy and execution and my usual activities span from answering why are we building something in the first place, to actually delivering it through combination of research, UI design, direction, writing copy and frontend code. My ambition is making honest software that’s good to its users and rewarding to its creators.

I live in Porto, Portugal. I’m @ropsii on Twitter.

Last update: August 2018.